Employer Guide & Glossary

ACA Data Security

BENEFITSCAPE wants to emphasise to all employers at the outset of this ACA GUIDE & GLOSSARY the high level of data security that is critical throughout the ACA compliance & reporting process. We very strongly recommend that all data systems and vendors or other service providers touching your company and employee data in this regard should have CERTIFIED SOC2 COMPLIANCE.

You can learn more SOC2 CERTIFICATION here.

Please note BENEFITSCAPE has both SOC2 & HIPAA certification, operating within a fully encrypted and secure data ecosystem, including the encrypted digital ACA AUDIT-IN-A-BOX provided to employers for data archiving on completion of e-filing to the IRS ACA INFORMATION RETURN SYSTEM [IRS AIR] using BENEFITSCAPE's IRS-certified TRANSMITTER CONTROL CODE [TCC].

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