HCM Optimization for Ben Admin

BENEFITSCAPE HCM Optimization Services for Employee Benefits Management deliver best-in-class ben admin solutions — all within the employer's existing HCM.

BENEFITSCAPE HCM Optimization Services include: Specialist ben admin functionality embedded into the employer's existing HCM set-up • Friction-free integration of the employer's other key service, system, and plan providers within the health & welfare supply chain • Seamless integration of IRS, DOL, and all other compliance reporting requirements.

Hundreds of employers looking to streamline their ben admin operations are already benefiting from BENEFITSCAPE HCM Optimization Services.


1. Unified Database. BENEFITSCAPE HCM Optimization embeds specialist benefits functionality and data flows directly into the employer’s HCM infrastructure. HCM Optimization is not a bolt-on solution but a friction-free deep integration, with all the advantages of a unified database.

Data consistency is enhanced, and manual data transfers eliminated. Platform continuity and integrity are also maintained as an organization’s HCM evolves to support future growth and/or change management.

2. Enhanced Data Security. By making extended use of a single, unified database, HCM Optimization for ben admin also enables improvements in an organization’s systems security, including reduced data latency.

3. Consistent & Enhanced User Experience. HCM optimization and embedded functionality give employees a unified point of access for all their HR and benefit needs. BENEFITSCAPE also ensures a consistent and intuitive user interface. Navigation is simplified, logins reduced, and employee engagement enhanced.

For administrators, operations and user experience are similarly streamlined and enhanced, with an organization’s training needs also reduced.

4. Real-Time Data Processing & Enhanced Reporting. Advanced HCM systems are equipped with real-time data processing. Optimized for ben admin, real-time HCM data facilitates timely decision-making; agile benefits management; and accurate and efficient compliance reporting.

In short, BENEFITSCAPE HCM Optimization Services provide a responsiveness and agility equivalent to legacy specialist ben admin solutions but also simplify reporting and analytics within a unified view of HR and benefits data.

5. Consolidated Compliance Management. BENEFITSCAPE HCM Optimization integrates and consolidates federal and state compliance data and reporting. For example, it makes available and processes in one system all the information needed for ACA reporting, including eligibility and offer affordability management.

This single data view simplifies the process for other IRS and DOL reporting too, such as PCORI or ERISA; and by doing so, it promotes data accuracy and consistency across all an employer’s different compliance submissions.

HCM Optimization transforms the value of investment in both HCM systems and benefits.


BENEFITSCAPE customizes its HCM Optimization Services to fit each client’s specific operational needs, business rules, benefits supply-chain, and unique employee population, embedding specialist ben admin functionality directly into existing HCM set-ups.

In this way, BENEFITSCAPE ensures even the most complex employee benefits management needs are processed with friction-free accuracy and efficiency.

IBelow are just a few examples of the many practical and game-changing benefits to the employer of BENEFITSCAPE HCM Optimzation:

» Reduced resource burdens

» Enhanced data and system security

» Streamlined open enrollment processes

» Integrated carrier feeds

» Enhanced payroll interaction & employee engagement

» Friction-free ACA & other compliance reporting

» All within the employer’s existing HCM system


Collaboration & partnerships lie at the heart of BENEFITSCAPE's emergence as a leading innovator in HCM Optimization Services for Employee Benefits Management.


"We have a proven record of partnership with employers of all sizes, in all sectors, and on all major HCMs, helping them maximize the business value of their investments in both HCM systems and employee benefits.

"And we bring strategic value and business efficiencies to our client's other key service, systems, and plan providers by partnering with them to integrate the end-to-end health & welfare supply chain into HCM Optimization for ben admin."


"BENEFITSCAPE represents the epitome of what it is to be a great partner. They are continuously innovating, they challenge us and work with us to get better... to deliver superior client experiences."  

Dayforce VP of Partnerships Mike Fleck

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