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Regardless of legal obligations mandated by the EMPLOYER SHARED RESPONSIBILITY PROVISIONS of the ACA, health cover for employees is not only a major business investment, it is also more often than not, after salaries and wages, the most important benefit of work for employees within their Total Rewards.

Yet health cover can prove more of a burden to business than a success driver. It can all too often be a cause of confusion, frustration & headaches among employees too — the very people it should be recognizing, rewarding, helping to retain & motivating.

In short, clear, personalized, timely & accurate EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONS are absolutely key to the role of health cover in building a successful employer brand and in securing a full business return on every ALE’s investment in benefits.

  • NOTE: INVESTMENT IN HEALTH. Health insurance expenditure is equivalent each year to over 18% of the US GDP. Or $4.3 trillions dollars. The questions for every employer: Is this major investement working hard for you and your business? Or just hard work?


Data flows & integration lie at the heart of successful EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONS, and this includes making the most of another major business investment — your company’s HCM. Integration in this context means a 360 picture of each employee.

Employers sponsoring FULLY INSURED HEALTH PLANS, for example, need a joined up picture not only of their own company communications to individual employees, such as timely, accurate & personalized FORMs 1095-C. They need to consider all communications to employees from external plan providers too. Any errors or confusion about health and family well-being are particularly personal for employees and accordingly can prove particularly damaging when they go wrong. An employer’s care and investment in people can all too easily fail through errors in data processing and operations, including EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONS.

That is why, as the leading ACA specialist, BENEFITSCAPE prides itself in understanding employer brands and EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONS as well as the technical complexities of ACA reporting & compliance.

Used to its full potential, advanced technology can hugely enhance employer brands and employee engagement. That’s why BENEFITSCAPE intelligent ACA_REGTECH has been developed not only to run FLAG & FIX DIAGNOSTICS on the employer’s ACA reporting but to enable better and error-free EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONS too.

If you have questions about EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONS or any other aspect of ACA reporting & compliance, please contact BENEFITSCAPE , the leading ACA specialist.

BENEFITSCAPE provides bestin-class ACA services & FLAG & FIX REGTECH DIAGNOSTICS to 1000s of employers of all sizes, in all sectors, and on all major HCMs/ACA modules.

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