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The key IRS forms for ACA reporting are FORM 1094C and FORMS 1095-B & C.

FORM 1094-C is an employer form and FORMS 1095-B & C are employee forms. You can find IRS DEADLINES for completing, distributing to employees, and/or e-filing these forms to the IRS here.

All ALEs must submit an employer FORM 1094-C to the IRS providing basic
information about the ALE and its health coverage for employees.

Employees do NOT get sent this form.

Most FORM 1094-C errors occur in Part III, Column [a], capturing whether the ALE offered medical coverage to at least 95% of its FULL-TIME EMPLOYEES in each month of the calendar year. This column should be carefully reviewed before IRS submission.

Irs Reporting Form 1094 C
  • NOTE: A COMMON FORM 1094-C ERROR. Even when an employer indicates YES in the initial 'ALL 12 MONTHS' check box, the subsequent month-by-month boxes must also all be ticked YES, even if this seems redundant. These boxes are often wrongly left blank or some ticked NO.

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