NJ Deadline Extension May 15, 2020 for Healtcare eFiling

NJ Deadline Extension May 15

Here is a guide to determining your organization’s readiness and a few practical tips if your organization is to go forward and attempt this NJ efiling.

Many employers have voiced concern that these NJ filing requirements are difficult for them to comply.

In particular, smaller employers may not have the capacity for electronic filing of information in the very specific data format (XML) which was initially required. This puts them at risk for potential penalties for both the company and possibly the employee.

A new paper Fillable PDF is now available for under 100 Forms

Larger employers are often no better off since many vendors and software systems that produce federal filings are not supporting New Jersey filing.

Should you have any questions or require assistance please feel free to give us a call.

Attachment(s): NJ-Data-Process-XML-to-SFTP-Ver-1.2-2.pdf

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