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ACA Services on all HCMs

BENEFITSCAPE is the leading specialist in ACA Compliance. Our best-in-class services & intelligent ACA_REGTECH work reporting magic for 1000s of employers on all HCMs & across all data sources.

BENEFITSCAPE ACA Services deliver maximum accuracy and streamlined cost-efficiency by adapting friction-free to each employer's specific needs, internal operations, current HCM set-up & unique employee population.

From penalty remediation • mid-year conversions • and systems audit, configuration & optimization...

Through hours tracking • eligibility & affordability management • all Forms 1095 & 1094 processing • error-free IRS coding • and pro-active Flag & Fix data diagnostics...

To 100% compliant, penalty-free IRS & state e-filings • plus encrypted digital ACA Audit-in-a-Box.

Or any step on the way as a stand-alone service • including troubleshooting • and penalty remediation.

BENEFITSCAPE remediated over $50m in IRS penalties in 2024.

For clients with 50 to 500,000 employees.

For clients on all major HCMs & ACA modules.

In all states & across all business sectors.

BENEFITSCAPE clients include state governments and the IRS.

Best-in-Class ACA Services on all
HCMs & ACA modules

Best-in-Class ACA Services on all
HCMs & ACA modules

*Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. 

Arthur C Clarke


  • proven, intelligent & adaptive regtech
  • secure & SOC2 certified
  • compatible with all HCMs & ACA modules
  • promotes systems optimization & integration
  • friction-free across all native data sources
  • runs audits & diagnostics on prior ACA filings
  • supports penalty remediation
  • processes hours tracking & eligibility
  • operates monthly, quarterly or look back method
  • validates cover offer affordability
  • runs Flag & Fix systems & data diagnostics
  • pro-actively manages penalty risk
  • assigns 100% accurate IRS codes
  • generates employee Forms 1095-B & C
  • generates employer Form 1094-C
  • runs simulated IRS filing & diagnostics
  • e-files to IRS via IRSAIR
  • using certified Transmission Control Code
  • files all state-mandated returns
  • delivers encrypted digital ACA Audit-In-A-Box
  • cuts cost, cuts risk, saves resources
  • builds employer brand & employee engagement
  • delivers a better return on benefits for business
  • works magic


1000s of leading employers

1000s of leading employers

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