End-To-End or Join-The-Dots

ACATech is our cloud-based technology dedicated to Affordable Care Act (ACA) tracking, reporting, and IRS e-Filing. It is a smart, secure, and constantly updated platform that lets BenefitScape take all the internal cost and resource burden out of ACA Compliance for employers of all sizes and in all sectors.

ACATech takes on board an employer’s specific health plan and business rules to facilitate every IRS-required compliance task – from employee tracking if required and eligibility determination through zero-error IRS coding and Form 1095 generation to final authorized e-Filing via the IRS ACA Information Return (IRSAIR) system.

ACATech executes an Employer Penalty Assessment and Quality Assurance throughout the ACA Compliance process to eliminate all risk of errors, late filing, or IRS penalties.


Secure and Encrypted Cloud-based Platform
Compatible with all Client Payroll & HCM Software
Accepts Client Data (Transforms and Translates) In Any Format
Applies All Complex & Specific Employer Plan & Business Rules
Tracking & Determination of Employee Eligibility
Variable Hour & Part-Time Employee Tracking
Employer Penalty Risk Assessment
QA Monitoring & Sample Data Testing
Look-Back Period Data Scans
Zero-Error IRS Coding of Employees
1095 Form Generation for Printing or Digital Distribution
1094 Form Generation for Client FEIN
IRS-Authorized Data Transfers (e-Filing) via IRSAIR
IRS ERROR-Code Analysis, Remediation, and re-Filing
Secure Retention & Archiving of Data + Transmission Receipts
Forensic Support To Evidence Full ACA Compliance