BenefitScape loves teamwork and win-wins.

We always look to partner other service providers in delivering the best possible value to employers for their ACA reporting and compliance.  Our operations, resources, and ACAPro technology have all been developed to integrate with employers' existing operations, resources, and technologies, including all major HCM and payroll platforms.

BenefitScape is a preferred partner for numerous platforms, and we partner benefits brokers to provide value-added ACA services directly to their clients.

HCM and payroll providers can find out more about our partnerships by emailing BenefitScape Integration + ACA Trooble-Shooter Jeff Dooley.

Benefits brokers can find out about our Broker Partnerships + Strategy by emailing Laurie Quintal.

"We work with all leading HCM and payroll platforms to ensure every employer gets maximum benefit from their existing ERP investments."

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