Why Choose Us?


Our approach is different than any other firm providing ACA services. Our laser focus is only on creating a successful IRS reporting and eFiling for you. We believe complex new processes are best handled by specialists; BenefitScape is a specialist, focused on one goal your successful ACA compliance. A few reasons why the marketplace has made us the brand leader are below.

  1. Singular Focus — ACA Compliance is all we do.
  2. Experience — Since 2006, BenefitScape has been a leader within the ACA Compliance arena.
  3. Superior Technology — We invest heavily and early in the best software for ACA compliance
  4. Security—Our systems and procedures are world class and HIPAA compliant
  5. Flexibility — Other vendors require you to fit their world. We adjust to yours.
  6. Ease of Use — Your Data, your format! No need for special programming.
  7. Service and Support — We are with you at every step. This is Full Service by specialists, not DIY.
  8. Price — Our cost is often less than other vendors. Why? Our superior technology, experience and laser focus enables us to be more efficient.
  9. Guarantee — If you are not satisfied for any reason, your money will be refunded in FULL.

The Bottom Line

The major reason to choose BenefitScape as your partner is that you will not have to teach us about you ACA requirements. You can concentrate on your own business. If you are concerned about the accuracy and the success of your Tax Year 2016 filing you need to choose a partner that will help you now and in the future.

ACA Compliance is our only business and we have a stellar reputation for service and competence. There are many alternatives available to you. Some can provide advice on the regulations, others manage employee benefits and finally some specialize in tax filing. None are specialists. None can compare to our track record and our focus.

What You Get

Complete Compliance, with ease of use and at an affordable cost. The below services will be provided at your request.

What You Get
Have Some Questions?
Feel Free to call us or send us a message on our Contact Us page. You can also check out our FAQ page which has a wealth of information.

Our Mission

At BenefitScape, our mission is to help our clients communicate to their employees, employees’ families, and communities the commitment they have to providing affordable and adequate health care coverage.

As the brand leader, we promise to provide the best choice in solutions and software to assist our clients with ACA Compliance by bringing knowledge, insight and experience. Our leadership and staff all have extensive experience in all matters concerning employee benefits communications and management.

BenefitScape is used as a vehicle for employers to notify their employees about adequate healthcare options whether they are full time employees qualifying for company healthcare, or part time employees who require marketplace options. In addition, BenefitScape acts in accordance of HIPAA regulations and by doing all of this, we work as a bridge between our clients and ACA Compliance.

BenefitScape does ACA Compliance and ACA Compliance only. We understand and respect our clients’ desire for providing their employees affordable healthcare options, and we are pleased to take their data in the format they use to run their business. Our clients are busy running their business; at BenefitScape, we aim to stay flexible and respectful of their time and resources. The team at BenefitScape have a long and excellent track record of working with employee benefits and we use that experience to ensure 100% ACA Compliance for our clients.