In addition to leading the way in ACA Compliance, BenefitScape is proud to offer services reated to Benefits Administration.

Open Enrollment Configuration

As a certified Ceridian Dayforce Partner, we configure your open enrollment for you. We understand the system, we know Healthcare, and we make it work.

Whether large scale changes or simply “rates & zips”, we provide the services to support your needs. Our standard project plans, processes and tools allow you to know in advance what to expect. We report on project status and we’ll let you know up front when we’ll need your involvement so you can plan accordingly.

Benefits Module Health-Check “Benefits Audit”

Noise can surface from many sources - the IRS, Carriers, Participants, Third-Party Vendors, even internal business partners. Whether systems, processes, or data, BenefitScape can work with you to assess the areas which need attention, and quiet the noise. We address issues you are experiencing within your Employee Benefit ecosystem, finding the root cause, and fix it.

As Benefits Experts, we know the complexity and we understand the problems you may be encountering. We dig into the system configuration and uncover the root cause. As an output of our review, we will provide you and your team with a color-coded audit report that identifies:

  • Gaps or errors in configuration
  • Module update opportunities
  • Plan design options to reduce complexity & improve

The report will prescribe recommendations for change.

Choose BenefitScape to enable the recommendations or bring our report to your Customer Success or Professional Services Teams to make the adjustments. With the analysis completed up front, our comprehensive approach can result in reduced effort and costs associated with enablement.

We Plan It We Configure It We Test It

Benefit Module Support

Using the training and support of our Ceridian Professional Partnership, BenefitScape provides a complete end-to-end benefits solution, helping clients to implement and fine-tune current installations of Dayforce Benefits for large employee engagements with the least amount of friction and rework as possible — both at employee and administrative levels.

Review Revitalize Redeploy
  • Audit your Benefits Module
  • Assess HCM configuration
  • Confirm system setup matches business rules
  • Optimize Benefits system
  • Enable new features to make the most of your investment
  • Examine user compliance
  • Re-implement
  • Upgrade to a new version
  • Smooth integration with required partners

Change Management. Employers are always evolving. From mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures to new or mixed technologies to implementing a new plan design or other structural shifts, our Benefit Specialist role means we always have the latest intelligence and can navigate through the complexities.

We Are Benefits Experts. The BenefitScape team has more than 150 years combined experience in the Benefits Technology industry and is recognized for our knowledge, creativity, and flexibility.

We help employers get ahead of challenges by analyzing reporting complexities and other potential issues or risks and recommending process efficiencies.