Third Party E-filer to IRS AIR eliminates need for User to get a TCC

Third Party E-filer to IRS AIR eliminates need for User to get a TCC

The IRS AIR Program is particularly friendly to Transmitter Users that are transmitting in bulk, thousands of XML files.


Practice makes Perfect!  Whether its hitting 10,000 golf balls, using MS Excel all day; after a while you see enough to either get good or quit!

We have seen almost every error that AIR can throw, and found a way to work around the issue.  IRS AIR business rules are robust..and when we get "Amateur XML"  we see some that boggle the thought process. A simple space in a million line file can cause a rejection..and a warning that there is the possibility of a dangerous malicious injection in the code.  Think about it...this is an IRS mainframe..and it will not take any chances on maliciuos content.

When faced with the make or buy decision; IRS AIR THIRD Party efiling is no brainer.  If you are not in the business of efiling; the learning curve, cost and time are too high for doing this at home.

PS:  If you do not immediately recognize this tag and its use (hint: XML) dont attempt preparing an AIR manifest on your own.




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