“I'm Kim Phillips, Co-Founder, President and CEO at BenefitScape, and I wanted to give you my own personal account of the various factors that, frankly, give us somewhat of an unfair advantage at getting your ACA reporting done.

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Kim Phillips
BenefitScape Co-Founder, President & CEO

Women Owned

Why we can serve you fast, efficiently and at a fair price:

The best team: Our core team has many decades of Employee Benefits experience and also had a great head start in the ACA compliance arena. In 2006 our team successfully assisted in the planning and implementation of the Massachusetts Health Connector, the forerunner to ACA. This provided us an unrivaled track record in understanding what it takes to get all the elements for a successful compliance project working together.

The very best technology: A great team needs world class tools. Our smart software, ACAPro©, is dedicated solely to the accurate and cost-efficient delivery of ACA Compliance. It processes both your particular Health Plan business rules and handles all the other complexities of ACA, such as the reporting regulations and calculation of the proper required IRS codes. ACAPro facilitates every step in the compliance journey with efficiency and error free performance.

The result is Complete Compliance: Finally our staff use ACAPro to e-File your final processed data, documentation, and all other requirements to the IRS as an authorized eFiler and user of the IRS ACA Information Returns (IRSAIR). We complete the assignment, securely archiving all data, IRS receipts, corrections etc. If there is ever a challenge to your compliance effort, such as a 226J notice from the IRS or a Health Exchange or Marketplace Notice, we will provide you the forensic evidence and assistance to communicate that the job was done 100% right and on time.