Dedicated, Cloud-Based, Secure

ACATech © is our cloud-based technology dedicated to Affordable Care Act (ACA) tracking, reporting, and IRS e-Filing. It is a smart, secure, and constantly updated platform that lets BenefitScape take all the internal cost and resource burden out of ACA Compliance for employers of all sizes and in all sectors.

ACATech © takes on board an employer’s specific health plan and business rules to facilitate every IRS-required compliance task – from employee tracking if required and eligibility determination through zero-error IRS coding and Form 1095 generation to final authorized e-Filing via the IRS ACA Information Return (IRSAIR) system.

ACATech © executes an Employer Penalty Assessment and Quality Assurance throughout the ACA Compliance process to eliminate errors and all risk of late a filing or IRS penalties.


Secure and Encrypted Cloud-based Platform

Compatible with all Client Payroll, HRIS, HCM & Benefits Software

Accepts Client Data (Transforms and Translates) In Any Format

Applies All Complex & Specific Employer Plan & Business Rules

Tracking/Calculation of Part-Time & Variable Hour Employee Eligibility

Determination/Verification of All Employee Eligibility

QA Monitoring & Sample Data Testing

e-Filing Diagnostics & Employer Penalty Risk Assessment

Look-Back Period Data Scans

Zero-Error IRS Coding of Employees

1095 Form Generation for Printing or Digital Distribution

1094 Form Generation for Client Company FEIN

IRS-Authorized Data Transfers (e-Filing) via IRSAIR

IRS ERROR-Code Analysis, Remediation, and re-Filing

Secure Retention & Archiving of Data + Transmission Receipts

Forensic Support To Evidence Full ACA Compliance