BenefitScape Cloud takes your TY2019 Federal ACA filing and eFiles it to New Jersey

No additional effort on your behalf, it’s that easy. The result is 100% NJ Compliance.

Our Solution

BenefitScape will take your federal IRS XML file for TY2019 and handle your New Jersey filing completely.
No additional programming, uploading, or parsing records on your end — We do it all!

Please complete the contact form below. A BenefitScape ACA analyst will be in touch to explain the process and answer any questions you may have.


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How the BenefitScape Cloud Works For You

Step One: Contact your BenefitScape Customer Success Analyst, Kim.Phillips@BenefitScape.com

  • Your Analyst will:
    • provide you with detailed information and access to a secure account where you can upload your XML or paper 1094/1095 IRS forms.
    • answer any questions that you may have relative to pricing, security or procedures.
    • determine whether you want all of your information on every employee (not just NJ Residents) to be filed with New Jersey or whether you prefer to use a “filter” and provide only those employees who are defined as required by New Jersey.

Step Two: Upload your XML file or Paper Forms to your dedicated personal and HIPAA-compliant Citrix ShareFile.

  • You will receive email confirmation that your upload has been accepted and your data will be processed in the BenefitScape Cloud and eFiled with New Jersey.

Step Three: Project Wrap-Up

  • BenefitScape will provide you with support for any errors that occur which require new filing to the IRS AIR system. The BenefitScape Cloud will eFile these errors or additions.
  • BenefitScape will provide you with all of the certified receipts which attest to your timely accurate filing. These receipts as well as any data transmitted to New Jersey will be archived so that you will have a single source of truth relative to your filing.


There are basically two pricing structures.

  • If you provide the XML data file which you have filed or intend to file with the IRS, you can use the BenefitScape Cloud .there will be a one-time setup charge of $500 and then $1.00 per form
  • If you have only Paper Forms, there will be a one-time setup charge of $500 and then $2.00 per form to convert them to XML.

With either approach, you can utilize the Privacy Filter feature for FREE..



New Jersey individual tax filers will have to attest to having had health coverage. This reporting will enable New Jersey to verify the information provided on the filing. Since not having coverage will require payment of a penalty this verification is necessary.
Yes. For ease of filing, New Jersey will accept the same 1094/1095 data files sent to the IRS, even if they include data about individuals who are not residents of New Jersey. In other words, the State will accept “bulk” files.

This “bulk” filing is certainly easier, but may be a dangerous choice from a privacy standpoint. New Jersey has provided additional guidance encouraging companies to send data pertaining only to New Jersey full-year and part-year residents. BenefitScape will follow this guidance, if you wish, for FREE 
Our service includes selecting only those employees that should be reported to comply with the NJ requirements. We refer to this feature as the privacy filter. By eliminating sending New Jersey data on employees who are not subject to the mandate; the employer is eliminating one potential source of data loss and recognizes the privacy of their employees.
New Jersey requires that if you need to correct a Form, sent to the IRS, you must also provide this correction to NJ. BenefitScape will follow this guidance.
We provide you with an archive and all of the receipts substantiating your New Jersey filing as well as the data actually filed initially or as a correction. Our experience has shown us that sometimes it can take e-filing recipients such as IRS air several years to request validation. The archive provides the safety and security that filers should have.

If you only have paper forms, no problem, send the forms along will convert them into electronic data and e-file the results to New Jersey using the same procedure outlined above.