It's your Choice

Sometimes you know that your situation is very complex and want to have an expert provide you with a customized approach.  All of our solutions fit this model. Take a look at the below customization possible.

  • HRIS

    We have experience with many HRIS platforms such as Peoplesoft, SAP, Workday, Ellucian, Bamboo etc.  If you need services to fill the gaps that these systems may have, we have the capacity to print forms, e-file, track eligibility etc.

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  • Control Group

    Often companies in the control group have very different Heath plans, different work forces, HRIS, Payroll and data support.  We can homogenize this group, enabling less sophisticated members to create a smooth result.

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  • M & A Issues

    Often companies are formed by acquisition with companies, divisions coming and going.  A moving target. We can manage this diversity and deal with acquiring and ceding companies.

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