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    BenefitScape Announces a NO CUT OFF DATE POLICY for 2016

    We will continue to process Form 1095 and IRS eFiling Clients with NO CUT OFF DATE for 2016

The 2016 ACA Compliance Season Is Right Around The Corner

And the IRS has revised their program Deadlines, Regulations, and Penalties.

Deadlines are advanced - Forms are due to Employees by January 31st, 2017, and the complete filing is due to the IRS by March 31st, 2017

We offer Full-Service outsourced ACA Compliance solutions where all you have to do is provide the Employee Data and we handle the rest.   Beginning in October 2016, we will also be offering a Self-Service option for organizations who do not need or want the Full-Service option. This tends to be a favorite of smaller businesses with typically fewer than 250 Employees.

ACA Compliance 2016: Finding The Right Solution

"There are many solutions and vendors; selecting the right one is critical for a successful IRS filing." Find out more by reading our ACA Reporting & Compliance Vendor Scorecard below:

>> Download Your ACA Vendor Scorecard Here <<

The Process

  • 1. Onboarding
  • 2. ACA Filing Status
  • 3. Information Identification
  • 4. Data Management
  • 5. Transmission to IRS AIR
  • 6. Ongoing Support

Using a brief form, the client provides the information necessary for BenefitScape to draft a detailed proposal. The onboarding begins by establishing a relationship with the client using consultations, a proposal, and the Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to ensure HIPAA Compliance.

Here we determine how your company complies with the ACA regulations. Your Offer of Affordable Coverage and any Safe Harbors elected are examined. This is the basic information the IRS uses to determine compliance and penalties. Accuracy is demanded.

Based on your ACA posture, the supporting information and data is collected from Payroll, HRIS, Benefit Admin, etc. Each element is validated and transformed as required, including any data published on Form 1095 sent to employees.

We determine the accuracy of the data collected, re-mediate any errors and prepare the XML format required by the IRS. The IRS AIR rules and regulations and validation concerning the data are enforced by BenefitScape.

As your e-File transmitter sends all of your compliance data to the IRS, any inconsistent data is remedied until the transmission is accepted and an IRS Acceptance Receipt has been issued for an "Authoritative Transmission". A receipt of all activity is provided.

After the "Authoritative Transmission" has been submitted there may be further data that needs to be corrected or appeals where we can assist. Additionally, TY2016 data should be compared to TY2015 to provide consistency in the filing and all data in XML and viewable format is archived for company filing records.