Common Pain Points in ACA Compliance

Obstacle The BenefitScape Advantage
Limited budget BenefitScape offers flexible solutions for all size budgets. We customize a program based on your individual needs and we can help with any or all the steps in the Compliance and Reporting process.
Limited data management resources Data for ACA reporting may come from different departments and in different formats. BenefitScape accepts your data in any format to help you alleviate the pressure caused by hybrid information.
Adherence to tight deadlines Form 1095 has to be postmarked by January 31st. Non-compliance may lead to stiff financial penalties. BenefitScape has developed proprietary automation systems that collect data in any format enabling us to turn your data into submittable reports quickly.
Dealing with IRS regulations There are codes to apply, employee data to parse, FTE evaluations to perform, establishing ALE status, coverage mandate requirements, eligible employee evaluation, etc. BenefitScape understand the IRS regulations, ACA Compliance and Reporting is all we do.
No access to an ACA software solution There is no “off-the-shelf” full service ACA Compliance and Reporting software. Programs available only provide a portion of the requirements and may even just be a Form 1095 template that you need to fill in yourself. BenefitScape is a full-service solution for ACA requirements.
Inadequate staff time availability It is estimated that filing takes about 50 to 100 hours. Does your organization have that fire power to get forms in the mail by Jaunary 31st? BenefitScape can get your forms coded, printed and mailed to meet the IRS deadline.
Lack of IRS eFiling credentials Organizations who file 250+ forms must eFile with the IRS (and the IRS prefers efiling for smaller companies). You either have to apply for eFiling authorization and file for a Transmitter Control Code (TCC) or hire an authorized eFiler, like BenefitScape to perform this function.
Tracking employees from mergers and acquisitions Has your company merged with or acquired another company? BenefitScape can help you coordinate the data for reporting under these complex circumstances. We can work with data from varying sources in different formats.
Diverse workforce requiring complex employee tracking BenefitScape will help you account for all your employees, temporary workers, interns, part-time staff, contractors, retirees, laid off workers, etc.
Facing IRS penalties for non-compliance IRS penalties are harsh, up to $530 per employee for non-compliance which can lead to millions of dollars in fines. You have to submit on time and accurately to avoid penalties.