• ACA Compliance for
    Colleges and Universities

Educational Institutions Have Unique Challenges Meeting ACA Compliance Requirements

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BenefitScape knows the unique requirements of higher education.  We serve the needs of many public and private colleges and universities. 

  • You have to report on a diverse workforce that may include part-time workers, adjunct faculty, retirees, temporary staff, student employees, coaches, etc.
  • The IRS requires adherence to tight deadlines, Form 1095 must be postmarked by January 31, 2018.
  • IRS penalties are severe, up to $530/employee for TY2017 filers who are not in compliance.
  • You may have a limited budget.
  • Staffing and data management resources may be scarce. (Professionals estimate over 100 hours is needed to correctly administer ACA filing.)
  • Organizations need to obtain authorization from the IRS for eFiling, including obtaining a TCC code.  We are an authorized eFiler, with credentials to submit to IRS AIR (ACA Information Returns program). You do not need to have or use a TCC when filing with BenefitScape!

Prepare for ACA Reporting Now!

Compliance with the ACA, especially Reporting and IRS filing for Tax Year 2017, is looming. You need an affordable, customizable solution that satisfies your unique ACA Reporting obligation.

How BenefitScape Can Help You?

We are experienced experts in ACA Compliance and Reporting for High Education. We can help you with an outsourced solution or any component (print, mail forms, eFile to the IRS, etc.) in the ACA Compliance and Reporting process.

We offer flexible, affordable solutions. And we give you insight to penalty triggers, code verification and filing accuracy requirements, plus we offer a guarantee that you are in full compliance with ACA Regulations. To find out how we can help, please contact Kim Phillips at 508.655.3307 or email kim.phillips@benefitscape.com.

BenefitScape provides a discount to educational organizations.