Even if ACA is Repealed, Reporting will Still Be Required

Even if ACA is Repealed, Reporting will Still Be Required

Forms 1095-B & 1095-C need to be postmarked by January 31, 2018

Many employers believe that “ACA Repeal” will mean that their Form 1095 reporting requirement will disappear... This is incorrect.

Under current law and under any of the proposed Congressional Repeal bills (House or the Senate Versions) the IRS requirement to report remains unchanged. This means that you need to file Form 1095 for Tax Year 2017.

Why the confusion about Form 1095 reporting? Under the current ACA there are two types of penalties. The proposed Congressional Bills only eliminate the Compliance penalties in connection with the individual mandate and the employer responsibility, but they do not eliminate the Reporting and Filing Penalties. Form 1095 reporting is still an IRS requirement.

Reporting deadlines are tight. But the government is giving employers the opportunity to apply for a filing extension for sending reports to the IRS. Form 8809 extends the TY2017 deadlines by 30 days.

The current 1095 Reporting Deadlines are:

1095s must be sent by                                                     January 31

Paper filing with the IRS                                                  February 28

eFile to the IRS AIR system                                                  March 31

The IRS is providing this extension only for filing ACA reports to the IRS, it does NOT change the deadline for sending Form 1095 to recipients. To download a fillable version of PDF Form 8809 to request a deadline extension, click here

ACA Reporting is cumbersome and complicated. Your company has a distinct organizational structure. Complexity is often compounded by the involvement of a variety of departments, payroll, benefits, legal, IT, HRIS, accounting, etc. Since you have unique requirements, you need to find a customizable solution to satisfy your ACA reporting obligation.

BenefitScape® can ensure that you are in full compliance. We can assist you in every, or any, step of the filing process. To find out how we can help you, please contact us at 508-655-3307 or email: kim.phillips@benefitscape.com. Or click the link to Contact us



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