BenefitScape® Forms and eFile Service Model

Our clients trust their ACA Compliance responsibility to BenefitScape. They benefit from our flexible, proven, cost- effective Limited-Need Service Model. We offer clients the ability to handle all Printing and Form Distribution, to include USPS First Class Mailing or e-Delivery. Along with this service, we also use our TCC credentials as an Authorized eFiler to send the required data to the IRS AIR system.

The client has the flexibility of using both of these services, Form Printing and Distribution, and eFiling, or using only one of these services as their needs require.

Printing and Form Distribution:

BenefitScape can use the assigned IRS Codes provided in the client's XML file in concert with other project data to generate Form 1095 for all ACA eligible Employees. BenefitScape provides PDFs of the forms to the Client prior to available eDelivery or physical distribution of secure, heat-sealed mailers to Employees via USPS First Class Mail.

IRS eFiling:

BenefitScape generates the Form 1094 and uses its IRS-authorized Transmitter Control Code [TCC] to transmit this form along with all Forms 1095 and other required manifests to the IRS via its ACA Information Returns [IRSAIR] system. Any reported IRS Error Codes are analyzed by ACAPro and anomalies are reconciled.

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Form Fulfillment and IRS eFiling Service Model