Ceridian INSIGHTS November 2020

Is ACA Compliance Receiving High Marks for Your Business?

ACA Compliance has become a “must-have” service offering for HR and Benefits providers of all types, but ACA Compliance solutions have had a spotty record of quality and service since the employer mandate came into effect in 2015.

BenefitScape has Earned High Marks from Our Clients for 4 Years Running

If you're not highly-satisfied with your current ACA solution, or you're looking to grow new revenue with ACA Compliance, BenefitScape has a solution that will fit your business.

The BenefitScape Platform

Our Service Platform is a one-stop shop that gives you the opportunity to work with your clients in the way that works best for you and them. You can use as much of the Services as your client requires. From every aspect of Hours Tracking and Eligibility through all the components of 1094 & 1095 reporting, you and your client can choose to use it all or only the services you need.

A BenefitScape Partnership

We have a partnership program that gives you a significant opportunity to grow your client base, and grow your current revenue. You'll have better client satisfaction and retention and improve your operations while simplifying ACA Compliance for your clients. Your clients will like knowing that they've accurately complied with the law and prevented unnecessary costs and penalties. And, they'll love how easy ACA Compliance has become for them.

Partnering Models

We work with you in the Way That Suits You and Your Client Best.

  • Our Referral Model pays you a fee for any Client you refer to us.
  • Our Shared Revenue Model gives you access to our platform, lets you price and manage the Client, as well as their benefit rules and data. BenefitScape does the rest.