Do you have an ACA Compliance checklist? No? Use Ours!
Since the Affordable Care Act became effective in March of 2010 employers and their advisors have gone through many iterations of studying the legislation, waiting for guidance from the Federal Government on how to comply, listening to prognosticators predict its demise, learning about potential changes to the law, etc. We are now entering our fourth year of compliance with the Employer Shared Responsibility provisions, and all the IRS reporting and filing that comes with it.
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Mind the gap: Solution to ACA tax filing during a change in HCM or payroll platform
When migrating to a new system or introducing different benefit plans during a calendar year the data required for compliance will not be readily available for compliance. This is a prime opportunity for a one time use of a Value Added Network (VAN) used on an outsourced basis.
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US Businesses Face Increased IRS Penalties Next Year
The IRS has released the employer penalties for non-compliance with the ACA for Calendar Year 2018.
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Misconceptions About the ACA

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Misconceptions About the ACA
Healthcare is consistently identified as one of the top 2 or 3 issues in the USA according to many polls. Healthcare is at or near the top of most employers Human Capital Management agendas as well.
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Employers, Brokers, Consultants and Tax Professionals: Billions of Dollars in Tax Year 2016 Penalty Notices are Coming
Earlier this year the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration’s (TIGTA) report on the Affordable Care Acts stated that the IRS now has the data to begin calculate the potential penalties for Tax Year 2016 to be assessed against those organizations determined to be non-compliant with the ACA. Expect the number of Letter 226J notifications and associated penalties to be greater and larger than what we have seen so far. Tax Year 2017 notices will be on the heels of the 2016 notices. A re...
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