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ACA IRS e-filing Process Improvements to Reduce Errors and Exposure to IRS Penalties
IRS e-filing to the new Affordable Care Act Information Returns system (AIR) requires constant technological improvement to keep up with the requirements the IRS has imposed on applicable large employers (ALE's). Most "tax filers" have not improved their process to the point where they can reduce errors and potential penalties for those using their filing systems. Essentially they can file arithmetic reports such as W-2 and 1099 but do not possess the skills and software to manage ACA filings.
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XML Handler from Benefitscape_ Efiling to IRS
Software modules designed to produce XML files for ACA compliance are now fully compatible with the BenefitScape Business Process as a Service. What this means is that an employer can take their XML file and send it to BenefitScape for the completion of printing form 1095C, sending forms to employees and electronically filing all of the information with the IRS.
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ACA Compliance Matures as a Tax Filing Process and How BPaaS Helps
ACA compliance is both a new topic and one that has been stalled by continuous political debate. In fact, it is a complex important IRS tax filing that needs to be taken seriously and is subject to review audit and substantial penalties this white paper will outline a very viable solution referred to as BPaaS, or Business Process as a Service, that provides up-to-date information, analysis and business process available from the cloud, using only a web browser on an extremely economical basis.
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XML is the required format for the IRS AIR system. If your answer is "What? We thought we would send our Form 1095 in a PDF", think again!
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