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There are Simply Some Jobs You Should Not Do Yourself!
Taking the initiative to get the job done is a behavior that should be rewarded. One caveat is that when the outcome is very important, sometimes it's a good idea to ask for help. ACA compliance is very complicated and even a small error in the data can cause inadvertent penalties to be determined by the IRS. If you are not 100% certain the data is error-free, we would be pleased to do a pre-filing audit for you at no cost.
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There is only one good way to print and e-file your ACA 1095 forms
Tax year 2018 presents some special challenges. First the distribution of form 1095 employees is at the end of January, not a lot of time. In addition this coincides with delivery of W-2 and 1099 and other tax documents estimated by the IRS to be over 3.5 billion in tax year 2018.
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Mind the gap: Solution to ACA tax filing during a change in HCM or payroll platform
When migrating to a new system or introducing different benefit plans during a calendar year the data required for compliance will not be readily available for compliance. This is a prime opportunity for a one time use of a Value Added Network (VAN) used on an outsourced basis.
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