How Do You Select the Right ACA Reporting Vendor? Use Our Scorecard.

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How Do You Select the Right ACA Reporting Vendor? Use Our Scorecard.

When selecting your ACA Reporting and Compliance vendor for 2016, there are key priorities to keep in mind.
Expertise, Experience, and Automation are a necessity for ACA Reporting and Compliance and selecting the right one is critical for a successful IRS filing.

 In 2015, many companies were unpleasantly surprised to find out that the vendor solution they chose for ACA compliance did not deliver as promised. To help you find the right solution for your company, BenefitScape made a helpful checklist and scorecard for you to use when researching vendors. 

Our helpful checklist covers key points and requirements you should ask for when selecting your 2016 ACA Reporting and Compliance vendor. Many vendors can take a "batteries not included" approach to Reporting, meaning, they offer the full package but do not deliver some key pieces. Employers who select these vendors are often left finding another solution for fulfilling their ACA Compliance responsibilities. Our goal is to help you avoid confusion and worry by providing a transparent, clear view on what you should be looking for.

Download Your Vendor Scorecard 


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