Remember when being underwater was fun?

Remember when being underwater was fun?

As the fall approaches here in New England the typical signs of Fall are becoming clear.  For the benefit professionals it’s open enrollment season along with implementing new benefits, carriers, payroll deductions etc.

As soon as January 1 rolls around there is less than 30 days to get all of the ACA compliance done.  Specifically form 1095 two each employee on the same day that W-2 and 1099s are distributed.

With all this activity including year-end year-end closings and holidays; it’s no wonder that the benefit community gets the feeling of being underwater.

There is one task that can eliminate much of the work and anxiety of year-end. Outsourcing ACA compliance has never been easier and available at very favorable costs. After four years of processing BenefitScape has built an exceptionally efficient cloud-based software platform that can make ACA compliance just another year-end activity. No drama; no anxiety.

The see how simple ACA compliance can be on an outsourced basis take a look at our video.

If the idea of keeping your head above water this Fall appeals to you give us a call we can discuss your particular situation let you know what it’s going to cost. But don’t wait too long many organizations have found BenefitScape and we are reaching our year-end quota fast.



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