The Complexities of the ACA can fill volumes. The regulations are several thousand pages and the various "guidance", that is interpretations of the regulations in practice, comes fast, frequent and furious. It is not the goal of this sight to provide the definitive encyclopedia or WIKI for the ACA.

Instead we will consult with you and outline those issues that apply to you. Why? First because it's what you need to know (and all you need to know!) and secondly we are focused on efficiency and respect for your time and ours. You need a task performed; no excuses just performance. We need to do it in a manner that is correct and thorough.

Now that we understand each other, if there is a question or concern that you have, let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Employers filing 250 or more employee Form 1095s are required to do so electronically via the IRS Affordable Care Act [ACA] Information Returns system known as IRSAIR.
Yes. We are an IRS-authorized e-Filer and can transmit all your required ACA Compliance data to the IRS using our ACAPro Technology and Transmission Control Code [TCC].
This 3-minute video guides you through the process for ACA reporting and e-Filing to the IRS. You can also download a PDF of the end-to-end process, including (if required) hours tracking and ACA eligibility determination for part-time and variable hour employees. For more information on BenefitScape’s ACA tracking services or to discuss any other steps in compliance, please call us at 508-655-3307 or email info@benefitscape.com.
BenefitScape’s multi-compatible ACAPro Technology and operational flexibility mean we can collect all your required data in any existing format ranging from a spreadsheet or CSV file to an HRIS table or payroll system report. As the leading specialists dedicated to ACA Compliance, we have experience of working with all business management systems and data sources, including employers’ external Health Plan providers.
BenefitScape observes the highest standards of privacy and data security, handling millions of items of Protected Health Information [PHI] each year. Your project data is fully encrypted both in transit and at rest, including when archived using our cloud-based ACATech software. In addition, given the special sensitivities of healthcare information, we have made BenefitScape strictly HIPAA compliant. Whatever ACA Compliance solution you end up choosing, we do strongly recommend you work with HIPAA-compliant partners. We are happy to answer any further data security questions you may have; simply call us at 508-655-3307 or email info@benefitscape.com.
If for any reason, such as loss or damage, an employee’s Form 1095 needs to be re-issued or corrected and re-issued, this is included in BenefitScape’s services.
BenefitScape issues you with an end-of-project report plus a digital package of all the relevant project data, including the Final Transmission Receipt from the IRS as evidence of your full, accurate, and on-time ACA Compliance.
Employers may file multiple Form 1094s to the IRS, but one of these must be designated as the ‘Authoritative Transmittal’. This transmittal recaps all of the company’s submission data and must tie together all the data contained in any other 1094s submitted.
Yes. But ACA Compliance — including the latest complex IRS Form 1095 coding regulations and protocols for using the IRS ACA Information Returns [IRSAIR] system — is very much a specialist area; do not underestimate the internal resources, costs, and learning this places on an employer over and beyond more familiar business management demands. The ACAPro Technology has been developed by BenefitScape, drawing on our specialist focus, to bring operational efficiency and zero-error accuracy to the process for clients.

This is possible, provided you are confident your vendor has the additional ACA-specific knowledge, IRS authorizations, and experience needed for the task. Much of the data required for ACA Compliance resides in business management systems supplied by W2/1099 e-filing vendors; but the data processing and IRS coding required to generate the ACA-specific employee Form 1095s and employer Form 1094, for example, or the authorized Transmission Control Codes and knowledge needed to e-File via the IRS ACA Information Returns [IRSAIR] system demand a further set of specialist skills and experience. That’s why BenefitScape exists: to operate with a compatibility and flexibility that make maximum use of any other business management systems you may use while bringing specialist cost-efficiency and zero-error accuracy to all aspects of ACA Compliance. In short, we take the process pain and penalty risks out of compliance.

Please feel free to talk to us about your current operations and how BenefitScape can help fill any gaps and join the dots of ACA Compliance for you. Simply call us at 508-655-3307 or email info@benefitscape.com.

“As proud as we are of our whizzy software, we also believe technology will never completely replace chemistry. We make sure our in-house ACA experts are always available to you.” [Kim Phillips, BenefitScape President & CEO]

Each BenefitScape client is assigned an experienced analyst as their point person familiar with their specific operations and needs. This analyst is available to answer any questions throughout the compliance process; to provide you with full access to BenefitScape’s unrivaled team of experts in ACA Compliance; and to make sure our services and ACAPro Technology are tailored to meet your specific needs with efficiency and total accuracy.

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  • Get To Know ACA Compliance - ACA 101 The Main Concepts
    • Who needs to Comply with the ACA
    • What are the Hours tracking and Measurement Requirements
    • ALE Status/ Control Group Determination
    • Reporting Requirements Form 1095 To employee
    • Calculating Eligibility for Health Insurance 
    • Examining Variable Hour and Seasonal / .
    • Self Funded vs. Fully Insured Plans
    • Affordability and Minimum Value
    • MEC - Minimum Essential Coverage
  • The Process
    • Discovery and Analysis
    • Data Requirements
    • Measuring & Tracking
    • Eligibility Determination
    • Printing & Mailing
    • e-Filing via IRS AIR
    • Corrections
    • Pricing
    • Data Security and HIPAA Compliance
    • Appeals and Audit Support