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Mike Downey

Mike Downey
Email: mike.downey@benefitscape.com
Phone: (508)-735-5830

Larry Kurzner

Larry Kurzner
Email: larry.kurzner@benefitscape.com
Phone: (917)-860-1429


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BenefitScape saw enormous growth during Tax Year 2015, with more than 300 clients using the BenefitScape platform and VeriTracACA© software for their ACA Compliance needs. They are positioned for another year of strong growth during Tax Year 2016 as BenefitScape’s flexible cloud based solution provides employers a fast, reliable and easily deployed solution for ACA compliance.

The BenefitScape platform serves clients as an end-to-end solution for ACA Compliance, allowing them to leverage the software any point during the complex cycle. BenefitScape’s VeriTracACA© Software allows clients to provide data in any form to ensure correct validations and complete compliance within the strict IRS Affordable Care Act Information Return (IRS AIR) regulations.

As the newly appointed Executive Vice President of Business Development, Mike Downey brings the 20-plus years of Account Management and Employee Benefits experience he gained from his previous senior-level roles at Oracle, Xerox, Hewitt Associates, Workscape and Towers Perrin. At his new role, he will be responsible for leading client management efforts across public and private sectors.

“Having worked alongside Mike at Workscape, I’ve experienced his knowledge of the Employee Benefits Industry firsthand. Mike has developed a reputation for his commitment of expertise within his field, which makes him a natural fit at BenefitScape. We look forward to using the insight he brings to make Tax Year 2016 a massive success,” says Lee Ingram, Head of Operations and Product Development.

In addition, Larry Kurzner joins BenefitScape as Vice President of Business Development. Mr. Kurzner is a seasoned HR Technology, Outsourcing and Strategy veteran, with extensive experience within Client Development as well as client and project management in the Human Capital Software Industry. He gained expertise while holding senior-level positions at KPMG, PeopleFluent and Accenture.

+About BenefitScape

BenefitScape is an agile platform developed by Benefit Corporation of America, LLC (BCA) to address the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It is designed to help employers handle the complexity of compliance with the ACA, in particular with the record keeping, filing and reporting that compliance requires. Particular emphasis is on the BenefitScape platform flexibility to manage client data in a wide variety of formats from multiple sources. The VeriTracACA© feature monitors and verifies employee data in real-time providing instant notification of non-compliance with ACA information requirements. BenefitScape focuses on supporting the entire business process connected to successful compliance, not just publishing and e-filing; this includes remediation of the data, employee form reissue, error correction etc.