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We are pleased to support PAYCHEX clients with TaxYear 2016 ACA Compliance. Last year was a great success for every PAYCHEX customer that used BenefitScape for ACA Reporting. Rest assured that you will have the same great experience.

After you fill out the Contact Us form on the right, we will contact you to discuss the best way to serve your needs.

If you are in a hurry — call or email Kim Phillips at 508-655-3307 or kim.phillips@benefitscape.com

We are focused on Tax Year 2016 Reporting and eFiling.

  • Form 1095 is due to employees on or before Jan 31, 2017.
  • IRS eFiling to IRS AIR is due on or before March 31, 2017.


If you wish us to contact the client directly and introduce ourselves; you can simply send them an email with a copy to kim.phillips@benefitscape.com. We will take over from there and keep you informed.
Alternatively, before we get started discussing a solution with your client, we will schedule a call with you to go over the ACA Reporting process and get some background on the client. Following the call, we will contact the client via email and keep you in the loop. A proposed solution will be provided to both you and your client and the reporting process for Tax Year 2016 will proceed.
BenefitScape offers a full selection of services to every client. We offer consulting services, Form 1095-C printing and mailing, e-Filing to the IRS, and error remediation. In addition, we guarantee our support in the case of IRS audits and marketplace inquiries.
There are several key deadlines to keep in mind: Form 1095/B-C is due to employees by March2, 2017, paper filing to the IRS of Form 1095-B/C is due February 28th, 2017, and the e-Filing deadline, required by employers with more than 250 FT employees, is due March 31st, 2017.

We’ll work with you to file accurate results ahead of the IRS’ deadlines. Due to the tight schedule of ACA Reporting deadlines, our process will take between 2-3 weeks per client. 
If the client is Fully-Insured, we need basic employee data and benefits enrollment data, that is the election employee makes after an offer of health coverage.

If the client is Self-Insured, we need basic employee data and benefits enrollment data, including data on dependents who have Health coverage .
The cost for each Client depends on the services they require and the complexity they bring to the assignment. Generally, we charge $500.00 per each FEIN and $5-$10 per Full Time Eligible employee. After speaking with the Client, we will provide a firm quote for the services requested.

As the brand leader in ACA Compliance, we’re pleased to offer affordable solutions for every PAYCHEX client. There are many ACA Compliance providers available; we’ve done our research and offer the highest levels of reporting and Compliance at an affordable price point. 

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