Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We are an authorized e-Filer and will be able to transmit your ACA data to the IRS. We will use our Transmitter credentials and our in-house software package to file.
Overview of an ACA e-File project

BenefitScape® serves as both the repository for compliance data and the Data Warehouse designed specifically for detailed analysis and reporting.

For those clients that have produced the 1095-C and 1095-B forms themselves, we adopt this approach:

  1. Your assigned Analyst will work with you to guide you through the process and to identify the necessary data.
  2. The Analyst will conduct a complete analysis of your form data and provides feedback on any issues that are discovered to avoid any delays.
  3. The ACA IRS AIR regulations and data validation rules are enforced by the BenefitScape platform. As your data is imported into BenefitScape, each field on the form is checked and transformed into the appropriate IRS AIR compliant formats.
  4. BenefitScape generates the appropriate files representing the 1094, 1095, XML manifest, and creates all of the control codes and transmits them to the IRS. Each transmission is uniquely identified and tracked. The data is submitted to the IRS with BCA's official TCC Code.
  5. The IRS may generate errors based upon SSN/Last Name matching and others that BenefitScape cannot validate. These are captured and the Analyst will work with the client to correct the problems. Often this remediation will require corrected 1095B or 1095C forms to be issued. Benefitscape will handle this form publication.
  6. Once your data is fully transferred and has IRS acceptance, BenefitScape will produce a final receipt capturing summary information and the IRS approval.
  7. All data used in the completed approved filing is archived for the client’s filing records.
Benefitscape has built a very robust technology solution that allows us to take your data in any format ranging from a spreadsheet, a CSV file, a table from your HRIS, a payroll system report — and even the actual copy of the 1095 Form.
BenefitScape takes privacy and security very seriously. Our data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

We handle millions of items of PHI and secure data and are pleased to discuss our security with you.
The first step is to analyze the data to be certain we have all required information. We then edit the data to ensure all the codes and specific employee data will be accepted by the IRS AIR System.

If corrections are required, we will notify you prior to making alterations to your data.

After the data is complete it will be transmitted electronically to the IRS via their secure transmission protocol.
Yes. If we detect an error and it requires a corrected Form, we will do this.
Benefitscape will provide you with the receipt generated by the IRS indicating a successful filing.
We will also provide an archive of all the data sent with the filing, and include all of the Forms and the transmittal documents for your records.
Applicable Large Employers may file one or more Forms 1094-C, but one must be designated as the 'Authoritative Transmittal'.

This Authoritative Transmittal recaps all of the data provided by the company and must contain information that ties together all of the data on other 1094-Cs submitted. In essence, it is the control document that summarizes all of the employer data.
You have 3 options for filing electronically:
  1. Do it all in-house ( a very complex task, don't underestimate the work and expertise involved)
  2. Go to a W2/1099 e-Filer that can file these forms; these filers can get the job done but it will require formatting files to a rigid format and submitting in a self service model. Corrections can be particularly challenging and support may be spotty.
  3. Go to an expert that specializes in this area. IRS Filing is important and deserves to be done with great care.
The in-house solution requires a tremendous effort, and most organizations are not prepared to tackle this assignment. Take the IRS AIR submission guide for instance: it's 118 pages, and complying with the IRS AIR Program has taken our firm hundreds of hours of IT, Project Management and programming time.
Many W2/1099 e-filing vendors have long experience in W2/1099, but no experience in Form 1095 and its filing.

Form 1095 is a much more complex issue. If you can create the correct file for these vendors, this approach may be an option. (Note: If you need help understanding the process, these services may be limited.)
ACA e-Filing is not simply send a file off to the IRS. It is a filing that will be used to determine compliance and determine penalties.

BenefitScape will examine the data and help you to present the best and most accurate representation to the IRS.

We do ACA Compliance and ACA Compliance only. The AIR program is new, and no one has more experience than BenefitScape.

  Do we have to file electronically?

If you are filing 250 or more Form 1095-C, you need to file electronically.

Our BenefitScape® e-Filing service is complemented by experienced, insightful, and trained Analysts. Each client is assigned one or more Analysts that leverage software-enforced best practices to ensure compliance, correct reporting, and applicable filing. Our Analysts work with our clients to address any issues that may arise and aleviate the worry from this new and complex compliance requirement.

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Corrections to IRS AIR ERRORS

Correction to ACA E-filing for TY2015

One of the most important details of e-filing is to make sure that the errors that are created when the data is sent to the AIR Program are addressed promptly.  Accurate reporting by employers is a key to compliance. The IRS is actively encouraging employers to file accurate returns. Do not ignore missed deadlines or inaccurate filings. Correction mechanisms have been put in place by the IRS. Work diligently to fix any known issues.