The Right question, “Who will guarantee you a successful IRS AIR tax filing for 2015?”

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The Right question, “Who will guarantee you a successful IRS AIR tax filing for 2015?”

At the Harvard Education Graduate School of Education, Dean Ryan reminded graduates of the importance of the question noting that “the question itself is more important than the answer”. This caused me to think about the question in my last post “Who is e-filing your IRS ACA Form 1095 Data?” and the analogy that I made to the famous skit from "Abbott and Costello" entitled “Who's on First?” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMXgvAGbQGg

My post was focused on the reason the question, “who e-files?” was not answered correctly by ACA vendors; creating significant confusion, disappointment and disruption at the client level. I discounted misrepresentation (who would knowingly mislead a client?) and looked instead to the complexity in IRS AIR nomenclature (Issuers, Transmitters, TCC codes, AATS, XML, manifest etc.) and then to the fact that the IRS AIR process is very new and those explaining the process have never done it themselves.

My question was not the right one; it was too narrow!  While complexity and inexperience contribute to the clients dismay, the right question is not “who is e-filing”, but “Who will undertake the task to create a complete successful ACA AIR filing for 2015?”  This process necessarily includes e-filing, but e-filing is only a piece of the puzzle.  I was asking about one piece of a complex process, not focusing on the entire process.

Conclusion: Ask the right question! Determine who will create a successful ACA IRS tax filing for you!   Don’t be confused with all the technical language, half promises, semi truths that only create confusion. Protect yourself against penalties, fines and disappointment.  Just ask for a guarantee that your filing will be accepted as complete by the IRS. If you do not get a guarantee; seek help elsewhere.  If you get a “you can do this yourself” reply beware; if it were so easy the vendor would do it. If you select a very low cost solution, caveat emptor, buyer beware.  In brief, trust a guarantee of success in tax filing as an answer; it’s the best question you can ask. ACA Success is right here

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